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SalesGush invites intelligent, creative individuals with strong educational backgrounds, excellent analytical and verbal abilities, with an entrepreneurial drive. We’ll be delighted to chat with you if you are a team member who appreciates taking on responsibility, a leader with empathy and the ability to adjust to various project requirements.


An internship with us can be the best choice for you if you are still pursuing your degree but are interested in a consulting career. We are always seeking bright students who are almost finished with their studies and possess excellent analytical, quantitative, communication, and leadership abilities. We offer a good learning curve since interns gets chance to completely involve in project work.

Experienced Hires

We encourage applications from working professionals who are ready for a change, wish to leverage their industry experience in the consulting area, or have already worked for another consulting business.

We employ people with a wide range of experiences, from MBA or PhD students to seasoned specialists. They will find a role that allows them to succeed while also allowing us to grow if they have the correct combination of expertise, leadership, and personal desire.


It's a good idea to apply for a job with us right now if you recently graduated from college or will do so shortly. Your unique experience and degree will determine the actual position you can apply.

Developer is often designated for fresh college graduates with bachelor's degrees. Candidates or Graduates with prior work experience join us as Consultants / Senior or higher.

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