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The tourism sector is seeing a boost in activity due to a rise in demand, as well as a rebound in both international tourism and domestic leisure travel. Nonetheless, these businesses must focus on developing and modernizing their strategies to conform to the new post-pandemic conditions, as there is a risk of financial uncertainty and evolving customer expectations. Our team of tourism advisors helps companies create an appropriate roadmap to achieve success.

The loyalty programs in the travel industry, which were mainly intended for frequent business travellers, are among the oldest and largest. However, due to the pandemic, there has been a significant decrease in business travel spending by 68% in 2020. Meanwhile, global leisure travel spending has surpassed it in 2021, accounting for 87% of total spending. As a result, it is necessary to re-evaluate loyalty programs and create new ones that cater to the preferences and behaviours of the current generation of travellers. To achieve this, we conduct qualitative research on these travellers to assist travel companies in revamping their loyalty programs.

With the end of the crisis phase of the Covid-19 pandemic and the reopening of the world, travel companies can take advantage of their most valuable resource – data – to not only bounce back from one of the industry’s worst crises, but also to drive future growth. Data can be utilized within your own business and in collaboration with a network of partners to tailor offers to customers that are more pertinent than ever before, open up possibilities for increased discretionary spending, and enhance customer service through streamlined procedures. Apart from customer-centric initiatives, industry players can also benefit significantly from more sophisticated operations.

SalesGush provides comprehensive AI solutions that can help travel companies gain a competitive advantage in the industry. We believe that AI has the power to revolutionize the travel industry, improving traveller experiences, operational efficiency, logistics, and employee empowerment. However, research indicates that many travel companies have yet to achieve the necessary AI maturity to fully utilize its potential. At SalesGush, we offer tailored solutions that can help travel companies adapt to the rapidly evolving landscape and unlock the full potential of AI. By prioritizing the five key success factors, we can help our clients learn from the best practices of our small group of AI Achievers in the travel industry, enabling them to achieve success and gain a competitive edge with AI.

Airline clients frequently inquire about measures to ensure their endurance amidst a worldwide pandemic, as well as how they can gear up and generate worth in the new circumstances.

To address these concerns, our teams of airline consultants possess extensive knowledge in various areas of the airline industry, such as strategy, network planning, airline operations, pricing and revenue management, sales and distribution, personalization and airline loyalty, MRO, people and organization, digital and travel technologies, and sustainability. We adopt a cross-functional approach, evaluating each airline comprehensively to guarantee that every action yields widespread advantages for the entire business.

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